The Death and how she works

The past two weeks i experienced death for the second time in three years.

I may call myself lucky, I did not meet Death until now. I am not sacred of her I know one day she will ring my doorbell and I will open the door with open arms well, that is what I hope. But now That I experienced her twice, I still can’t understand her. I mean she took two totally different lives with her, strange enough the same age, and she didn’t care the damage she left behind.

I think the way she took both lives was cruel and spontaneous. It was like if she woke up, stretched herself from toes to top, drank a cup of mystic coffee and then decided to end some lives in such a tragic almost funny way.I like her, she doesn’t care about anyone or anything. She just swims around and does her job. But I also think she doesn’t do it all in her own. I think she has a peculiar best friend, called Destiny. While I was analysing the two lives she took the past years. I realised that those lives were kind of complete when she took them. The boy had done a lot of things with his life until his 17th and the girl the same. The things they experienced I respect with all of my heart.

For example, being born knowing you could die every single moment, just because you had a damage in your genetic material is hard and yet he had an incredible participation in this world. He changed not only my life but also his surroundings. Considering he sometimes not even had the force to wake up. Every time I spoke to him he made clear he was in peace with his situation and so was I. However  I am completely sure that Destiny helped him complete all what he needed it to do until his last breath. When Destiny decided to inform her best friend Death that he was ready to go, death just passed along his bed and took his las breath away.  

When I analysed the life of the other soul Miss. Death  took, I could verified my theory of the friendship between Destiny and Death. The soul she took had the shape of a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl. I dare to confess I sometimes was jealous of her, in a good way of course. I always thought she had everything a girl could have. I could not believe how lucky a person could be. She had a good boyfriend, she actually lived with him, and she loved to cook and to make people happy, she was always very active. From what I know she worked hard to do what she wanted to do.  Nevertheless, I always thought she went through life in high speed, maybe that is what Destiny planned for her.  I did not know her that good, in fact I never met her in person; Yes, I talked to her and I was always updated about what was going on in her life. And suddenly she was gone. Death and Destiny decided to end her life just by throwing a tram on her.

I can cry and scream, that this wasn’t fair, However that doesn’t help anyone. That Death acted to cruelly is no-ones fault. But a work of the friendship between her and Destiny. In conclusion: maybe you are not supposed to live all what you plan, but only the things that Destiny planed for you.